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San Diego Components
San Diego Components

Excess Inventory Management

San Diego Components offers two solutions to help you manage your excess inventory levels. These services are flexible and configurable to meet your specific needs.

Through our programs, we are able to provide solutions to our clients while achieving the highest return on their investments.

Lot Acquisition and Liquidation

This service offers you the quickest solution to move excess materials off of your books. Once we receive your part listing, we can provide a bid within 2 to 3 business days. Eliminate your inventory carry costs by emailing us your Components list today.

San Diego Components
San Diego Components

Individual Line Purchases

If you have only a few line items, but in large volumes, San Diego Components offers Individual Line item purchases. This service offers immediate quotes, and the transaction can be completed in one day. Contact us today with your part listing, and we will see if this is the best solution for your excess inventory.

Why sell to us

  • 01 Work directly with a decision-maker, and this is the advantage of a small business. On the other hand, if you deal with a large distributor, you will be working with a purchasing agent who will have to get approval from his boss on how much he can offer.
  • 02Get an offer within two to three business days, and this is the advantage of a stocking distributor. Most of the firms you see online are brokers. As soon as they get your list, they send it to the distributors to see how much they can sell it for and if they find a buyer, they offer you less than half of what they are getting for it.
  • 03We buy components regardless of the date code because we know that with the fast advancement in technology, components become obsolete at a record pace, and eventually, you find yourself stuck with a large of unusable inventory in your warehouse. If you send your list to a large distributor, they will not accept parts older than two years, but we do.
  • 04We buy components from companies and individuals. The only requirement is that the components are authentic and unused. Large distributors require you to be either OEM or CM before they approve you as a supplier.
  • 05We are open and transparent in all our dealings because we strive for long term relationships.
  • 06When you sell to us, you will help a small business survive
San Diego Components

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